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MidWest Pacific Rail Net & Logistics was created from the Mike Williams Family of companies.  Mike Williams formed Railroad Materials Salvage, Inc. in 1984 based in Richmond, Missouri. Mike has over 30 years experience in the railroad industry, and is still involved with RMSI sales and management operations. His experience and reputation in the industry allows Railroad Materials Salvage, Inc. to work closely with Class I railroads such as BNSF Railway, Canadian National Railway, Union Pacific Railroad, and Kansas City Southern on both service projects and asset disposition projects. Mike has also been successful in securing a large client base of railroad contractors, short line railroads, steel mills, government entities, etc. which RMSI has worked with and supplied material to for several years.

Through the years, Mike Williams has acquired shortline railroads and created the holding company now known as MidWest Pacific Rail Net & Logistics (MPR&L). MPR&L currently owns or leases 9 operating railways in the states of California, Nevada, South Dakota, Washington, Idaho, Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri. The shortlines ship a variety of products while interchanging with BNSF, UPRR, KCS, CP, CN and numerous other shortline companies.   

In addition to the shortline railroads, MPR&L also offers rail construction, rail car repair, transload services, real estate, industrial development, switching, MOW repair/manufacturing, and consulting services and rail line valuations.  

Midwest Pacific Rail Net & Logistics consists of over 900 miles of shortline railroads moving thousands of rail cars per year in manifest and unit train service. MPR&L is based in Kansas City, Missouri.

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